What is a Content Blocker?  Very simply it's a mechanism for blocking unwanted or harmful content.  Yes ads are part of this because unfortunately the current state of advertising on the web is either to hijack your information, attempt to spread malware, or just make the page unusable.  There are times that the ads are not even tied to the content creator, creating a situation where the content creator gets nothing from these ads except their content being slowed and hidden in junk. 

The purpose of Three Degrees is simple; provide you Three Degrees of separation from what is between you and the content you want to see.  In doing this, pages that have become overrun with ads and other unwanted content now become usable.  The added benefit of this is that load times are faster because the content is blocked before your phone ever loads it!  This also means a reduction in data being downloaded over a cellular connection, which can equate to some savings.

In addition, Content Blocking can also blacklist content beyond advertising, such as blocking access to adult sites, gambling sites, or any content that is undesired. 

You can submit a site from within Safari to let us know if you think it should have content blocked, if Three Degrees may have caused it to break, or if there is content being blocked that shouldn't be.  Remember, if you hold your finger on the Reload button in Safari, you will be presented with an option to "Reload Without Content Blockers" while you wait for Apple to allow updates to get pushed out.  In no way is anything sent besides the URL, and the selection you make when submitting a site; it's so anonymous that the IP address is never saved in the logs!  You can feel safe and assured that at no time will any information be gathered from you that we are not being 100% transparent about, such as the URL of the site you are submitting.

Please visit the support link and submit any feedback to us; features you want, don't want, etc.  Also, you won't be bugged to rate the app like often happens, but definitely feel free to leave a rating in the App Store and let us know what you think, and let the world know what you think of Three Degrees.



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